miércoles, 2 de marzo de 2016

UPM innovatech took part in EIT Digital Seminar "Opportunity Recognition"

UPM innovatech team members took part in “Opportunity Recognition (OR)” course in Innovation & Entrepreneurship (22nd– 26th February 2016), a seminar of the EIT Digital Doctoral School, at IMDEA Software building (Campus de Montegancedo, Technical University of Madrid).

The objective of this seminar was to offer to 1st or 2nd year doctoral candidates the necessary background and skills to develop a business idea on the basis of the results obtained or forecasted for their doctoral thesis.

UPM innovatech members participated as speakers and mentors in both formal and working sessions, talking about commercialization of technology-based products and services. It was a pleasure to take part in it, as well as knowing the doctoral reserchers in ICT that attended the seminar.

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