jueves, 26 de octubre de 2017

CAIT-UPM provides acceleration services to European start-ups in the EIT Health Product/Market Fit Program

The Center for Support for Technological Innovation (CAIT-UPM) together with the LifeSTech group of the UPM are responsible for implementing the European EIT Health Product / Market Fit Program in Spain in 2017. This program aims to enable European start-ups in Digital Health to first approach national markets in Europe: Spain, United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands and France.

After a demanding selection procedure, doDOC and Pridiktiv, two promising startups from Portugal and Belgium respectively, were selected to participate in this program and they are currently receiving mentoring services, market access, sales communications, legal knowledge, costumer development, etc. in order to bring its solution closer to the Spanish health market. 

doDOC helps global enterprises to do more business and make better decisions by unlocking the power of information. It is a collaborative information authoring and management platform, and it is the solution to complexities and inefficiencies in planning, drafting, editing, reviewing, and approving complex professional documents within your organization to leverage the true power of data as a decision-making tool. doDOC creates high value by streamlining document workflows, leading to faster drafting, review and approval, instant perfect formatting, and transparent project management lifecycle.

Pridiktiv wants to bring back the human approach to healthcare with the help of technology. It is a smart and mobile health collaboration platform that gathers data from connected healthcare devices. This data is then translated to user-friendly and actionable reports and analytics that can be used by healthcare professionals. This one-stop-shop makes patient management a whole lot easier compared to what’s out there today.

Different top experts collaborate with the CAIT team in the execution of this program and giving a strong imputs to these two promising start-ups in order to introduce their product in the most efficient way in the Spanish health market. They are:
  • David Labajo. Area Vice President Iberia at CompuGroup Medical (CGM). Mentor and expert in Health Digital Transformation and Telemedicine.
  • Pablo Camba. Health Director at T-Systems Iberia. He supports both public and private Spanish Healthcare Organizations to implement Digital Health Services.
  • Matt Boardman. Speaker and Communication Coach. He has helped over 100 companies identify their "essential story".
  • Néstor Guerra. Mentor, entrepreneur and developer of innovation methodologies. Specialist  in Lean Startup and Customer Development Methodologies. 
  • Vanesa Alarcón. Co-founding and attorney at Avatic-Abogados. Specialist in start-ups and companies with technological projects.

In addition, doDoc and Pridiktiv are having the opportunity in Spain to be in contact with several relevant agents from the point of view of the commercialization of their product in Spain. These meetings have the purpose of knowing first-hand the characteristics of the health industry, having the opportunity to present their product effectively, receiving feedback on the roadmap of their product directly from potential users, and, in general, something so necessary to them as starting to create a network of contacts in Spain.

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